Once again, didn’t manage to write fiction. I did push myself to get a few sentences down on the page by evening, reminding myself that every word counts. Last year when I was in the worst of the depression, I gave myself pats for even a single word–actually, sometimes even for opening up the Word document, so yesterday’s eked out 77 words is not so bad.

Part of my block, I think, is that I’m letting so much of my brain be business-like and efficient that the creative side is being stifled. Yesterday, for example, I worked on the marketing plan for A Lonely Magic. Doesn’t that sound official? It should, because I’m working on it with exactly the level of analysis that I used to give to my job as an acquisitions editor. But I’m not going to write about that here, because this is not my publishing blog! (I decided that the Rozelle Press site needed some form of regular updates, so it’s where I’m writing about publishing now. Yep, blog craziness.)

Today’s goal: to improve on yesterday’s 77 words. Small goals, encourage success, and maybe someday soon I’ll get back to the big goals.