No picture, but C might have one later.

Sprinkle fillets of tilapia with salt & pepper & Old Bay seasoning. Let sit while preparing a marinade of:

Olive oil
2 garlic cloves, pressed
The zest of half a lime, the juice of a whole lime
Some chopped up cilantro
A tablespoon of drained capers

Pour some of the marinade over the fish and leave it for a while. (A longer while than the ten minutes or so that I gave it would have been good.)

Oil the fish… basket? grate? the thing we bought at Big Lots for $5 last week that holds fish on the grill so you don’t lose them into the flames… and do a better, more thorough job of it than I did.

On a pre-heated grill, cook the fish, three minutes per side.

Serve with the extra marinade and add extra marinade to tilapia.

Say yum.

The smokey flavor from the fire was so good on the fish, and the lime, garlic, cilantro, and capers added much flavor without over-powering the lightness of the fish. It was excellent.

Idea for another time: the same marinade with grapefruit and mint. It sounds weird but I bet it would be delicious on tilapia.