Okay, here’s the first draft of the short story: comments, feedback, corrections, and title suggestions appreciated, and if you don’t like reading rough drafts and want to wait for the final version (probably reasonably similar), stop reading now. Oh, and sign up for the mailing list, because I’m only going to be sending this to mailing list subscribers. πŸ™‚

Although I guess if you don’t want to be on my mailing list but do want to read the final story, you can leave a comment and I’ll email it to you directly–I don’t mind. (This post will probably get taken down once the story is final, since it defeats the purpose of a subscription bonus if the story is easily available online, I think.)

Thanks for your help!

Edited version just went out to mailing list subscribers. If you object to mailing lists but hope to read it, email me directly at the obvious address (or use the contact form, they wind up in the same place) and I’ll send it to you directly.

Thanks for reading!