I’ve been writing in circles the last couple of days. I’m definitely on the last chapter of my WIP, unless it ended already, a question with which I have been struggling.

I wrote one scene that I loved–really, it had some great lines in it and it met my writing goals for the day–before I realized, it just didn’t fit. It moves from the semi-cliffhanger that might be my natural ending into an entirely different arena. It’s the ending that I envisioned for the book from the beginning, but it doesn’t work with the way the book turned out.

And then yesterday, I muddled around trying to make decisions. Ugh, two frustrating days in a row. Words got written, but the book didn’t get finished. I sort of wonder if I’m dragging it out because I hate to be done with it, but I think I’m just not sure. So today’s goal–write at least 1000 words. Try not to worry about whether they’re the right words. They can always be fixed, but at least if I get everything I think I want onto the screen, I can start deciding what works, what doesn’t, what’s needed, and how it should all go.

I will have written this book in less than two months. Started 1/26 or so, I think. (I could look back and find out for sure, but I will when I’m done.) For me, that’s somewhat unheard of. And I love it. For me, that’s completely unheard of! I’ve definitely already got a long list of things that need fixing in editing, but the story is such a fun ride.