Yep. Best writing day in weeks, when I finally gave up on writing what I thought I ought to be writing and wrote what I felt like writing instead. And–ironically–the character leading the way in this story has a filthy mouth. Brief clip:

And with his dark eyes, shaggy hair, excellent ass—yeah, the guy was hot, even if she was so not his type.

Still, he’d definitely flirted back. Maybe for him she had the good-girl appeal, the neat and proper bookstore clerk, working nine-to-five, studying six-to-twelve. Or maybe he’d seen the hint of the bad girl she’d once been under the surface.

Maybe he’d caught a glimpse of one of her tattoos. The one twining close to her collar bone sometimes peeked out under her button-down collars, and in summer, when she didn’t wear tights under her skirts, the ivy pattern up the back of her leg was easy to spot.

Still, why he’d liked her wasn’t the point. He had liked her. He did like her. No way was he agreeing to this bullshit.


Poor Fen is being murdered. I wrote 2600 words and they flowed like water. With lots of cuss words, lots of possibly not quite coherent bits, I just let go. Didn’t read it before I posted it to fictionpress, don’t intend to. I want to write this book in fast-forward, revisit it when it’s done.

And for the first time in days, I had fun–really, delightful, awesome, crazy fun–while writing. The scene was as clear to me as if I were watching it on a movie. A character that I knew was a bit player turned into a psychopathic charmer who didn’t die when he was supposed to, another character who was supposed to be mild turned out to be a formerly suicidal, tattooed, cutting-experienced survivor, and the shallow boy love interest turned out to be Anakin Skywalker. Oh, so fun, fun, fun.

Lesson to be learned: write what you feel like writing, whatever it is.

Lesson I most likely have learned: nothing.

I will forget this. I’ll keep going back to things I “ought” to write. But damn it, when the fingers are allowed freedom they do good stuff. I really wanted to write good “shit” there–that’s because Fen is still controlling my fingers and she seriously swears a lot. An effing lot, and I just had to battle with her to make that effing instead of fucking, which is what she wanted. Jeez.

Characters should be allowed to roam free, even when they swear a lot! I know it in my head, I wish I could learn it in my fingers.