My business is starting to feel like a real business, because somehow it’s almost 2 o’clock and all I’ve succeeded in doing this morning was email. And on a Saturday! But there’s something very satisfying about that. I did get off to a late start, so that probably has something to do with it, too. (I made myself a shrimp and egg breakfast burrito with sauteed red onion, shrimp, jerk seasoning, salsa, scrambled egg, cheese, and avocado. It was meant to be an omelet but didn’t work out that way–the fillings were too heavy for the egg. And while delicious, it wound up being one of those meals that dirties far more dishes than it’s worth.)

Anyway, writing yesterday was some words–probably about 500. And then I reached the end of a scene and wasn’t sure where to go next. The story beats concept is sort of working, but I need to detail my transitions a little better. At the moment, it feels seriously jumpy to me, and I sort of seem to be writing “time passes” material without getting anywhere. One of the other pieces of writing instruction that I’ve got in the back of my head is that every scene should have a goal and, at the moment, my goals seem a little clear. Or rather my character’s goals seem unclear. My goal is still setting up the story, but my character doesn’t have a goal. I think I’ll bear that in mind today.

Goal: Keep writing. One word at a time today!