I finally finished the major revisions to A Gift of Time. I ran through all of my stylesheet questions and edit notes and reviewed all of my beta comments again.

This means I’m ready to start proofing. Whee!

Well, not quite. I need to add a title page and copyright page, plus acknowledgements and dedication. Plus the author note (aka call to action) which I just hate writing. I get the reasoning for it — my mailing list currently has eight people on it which is not exactly enough to sustain a career. But still, I hate asking people to do things. I should probably work on that in therapy someday. Ha.

Beyond that, I’ve also decided that books should include their description on the front page, right below the title, right above the copyright. I say this because I’m tired of trying to guess what books are about from their cover in my ereader software. So it’s time to work on the description.

The current version is: Natalya Latimer’s ability to see the future has been as much curse as gift. Knowing that she would someday find his dead body destroyed her relationship with her best friend and lover. But when it finally happens, nothing turns out the way she expected it to and suddenly she’s flying blind, with no gift to tell her where she’s going.

Thoughts? It doesn’t reveal a lot about the story, but I might be okay with that.