Well, not literally serious. Serious is death and divorce and illness and all the myriad struggles of life. This is more like, “Ugh, I have to do something with this and I just don’t want to.”

So Chapter Ten… the right thing to do is to start over. Maybe not completely, but pretty close. Originally, it was a scene with three major characters. I revised it once already and got rid of one of those characters, because his presence made plot complications that I did not need. But my revisions were patchwork. The reality is that his absence means that the scene can and should be dramatically different. The conversation that Akira is having isn’t the right conversation for her to be having with Colin. It’s the right conversation for her to be having with Zane. Instead of it being an interaction between two people who know each other intimately, this is an interaction between two people who barely know each other but are predisposed to like one another, and, even more importantly, strongly suspect that they might or should someday become sort of relatives. In-law in-laws–the “my brother-in-law’s wife” relationship. It’s an entirely different conversation.

And I can see that. But ugh. I just haven’t felt inspired to write it.

I need to remind myself that writing isn’t about inspiration, it’s about putting the words one after another on the screen until the magic number is reached. At the moment, though, I seem to be searching for inspiration.