1200 words of fanfiction written yesterday. I’m probably going to aim for the same today. It’s been fun to have my mind churning over character story lines again. One of the nice things about fanfiction is that the story never ends, it just keeps going and going. And you can go back and revisit the past. Didn’t like the way a story turned out? Write it again, do it differently. Didn’t like the direction the characters headed? Pretend it never happened. It’s a world of limitless possibilities. And so fun to write.

I’ve started tweaking A Gift of Time, too, as I get feedback from my beta readers, but I’m trying to refrain from making major changes yet. Still, I can see that Chapter 10 needs a fair amount of work and thoughts of how to make those changes are bubbling around in the back of my head.

I’m going to guess, though, that I’ll be releasing it in December, which means I ought to think about marketing and release efforts and all that kind of thing. Hmm, just the thought makes me want to go take a nap. Ha. Maybe I’ll write some more fanfic instead.

Today’s goal: 1000 words of a fast-paced action scene. Fight scenes are always a challenge for me — I’m so much better at dialog — but it’s so satisfying when the words on the page manage to come to life.