I’m annoyed with myself.

Yesterday I managed 1000 words. Go, me. Unfortunately, quite a few of them were rewrites of Saturday’s 500 words. I finished out the day with 1200 words and a vague feeling of dissatisfaction.

This morning, I finally figured it out. I ended my previous chapter with Rose shrieking in exasperation. But these 1200 words don’t pick up with her having that same energy level and they should have. There’s some cute stuff in there, and I’m not completely unhappy with the flow of action, but the tone is wrong. So today I’ll be back on that same 1200 words, trying to make Rose’s actions, thoughts and emotions consistent with where she was, instead of the sudden drop in her tension level which is what I wrote over the weekend. Progress, I suppose?

At least I understand where I went wrong. But I’m vexed with myself for not having seen it Saturday morning. I didn’t quite waste two days (words are never wasted!), but it feels like I came close.

Today’s goal: to fix this scene AND move on. I want these words to be better and some new words to be produced. My Thursday deadline is fast approaching.