Wrote my 500 words yesterday, then promptly returned to my Grimm binge. C came home while I was watching, giving me my first reason to explain that I wouldn’t be yelling at the television if I didn’t like the show. If I’m watching a show that I don’t like, I just sort of wander away. I get distracted and think of something I should do, and then it turns out that the entire episode has played while I was off moving laundry around and writing a to-do list and checking my bank statement or whatever minor task was more interesting than sitting still in front of the screen. Most television shows fall into that category for me. Grimm, on the other hand, at least through season 2, involves wanting to throw things and much complaining about characters’ behavior. I can’t wait to get back it today. 🙂 I might also have to swing by some fanfic forums, too, and find out what sort of stories people are writing.

First, though, 1000 words on my story!