It’s just after nine on Saturday night and I’m actually posting today’s word count today, because I am so darn pleased with myself.

1900 words, and I killed off my heroine. I’m quite Joss Whedon about death–she’s coming back–but at the moment she’s bleeding out on a gravel driveway and I am so tickled by her death scene. I’m sure I’ll have edits for it later, but it’s…I like it. I’ve spoiled you guys for it already by telling you the punch line, but the way it flows is just perfect to me. (Today. Tomorrow I’ll probably change my mind.)


Short version: Her foresight comes back. She knows what she’s going to see. And then I describe the bad guy getting shot. Which does happen, so it’s not a cheat. But then the bullet passes straight through him and hits her and it becomes obvious that what she saw was not his death, but hers. I even–accidentally!–set this up by decribing the gun, at first sight, way back when, as “ridiculously large.” I’m figuring .357 Magnum, which has excellent overpenetration risk and yes, can blow through one person and into the next quite easily.

So, yes, successful day. And I even know how tomorrow’s words start:

In her fifty-plus years of afterlife, Rose had never been so darn annoyed.