A local friend of mine, Lynda Haviland, and I have been casually talking for months about how we can encourage one another to write.

Like me, she’s written and self-published two novels, and–also like me–has gotten a little stuck on her third. I wonder if the third is tough for everyone? I’ve definitely had moments of thinking that perhaps Ghosts was really just the only story I had to tell. Sometimes it feels as if everything I learned about writing from my first two books gets in the way of my story-telling now.

At any rate, I had the idea a few weeks ago that we should start a blog for the two of us where we could post daily writing updates. A way of staying honest about our goals and how we were meeting them (and/or not meeting them). I’ve been blogging there daily for a couple of weeks now and yesterday finally set my goal: to finish A Gift of Time by the end of October.

I think word count posts are pretty boring unless you’re a writer. But if you are a writer and are interested in process posts, then we’re at The Write Push. Feel free to wander over and say hi!