999 words yesterday and why, I wonder, didn’t I just add one more to make it the thousand I aim for? No real answer, except that I got distracted and didn’t realize how close I’d come until this morning.

I did stumble across this great post at Catherine, Caffeinated, though (via The Passive Voice) that really resonated with me. She describes her writing as “bang out a few paragraphs, swim around in them for a few hours, tinkering and changing and rearranging, bang out a couple more, repeat as required” and I thought, ‘yes, yes, yes, that’s exactly how I write.’

For me, all writing is like that. WordPress has this revisions feature now, that tells you how many times a blog post as been revised. I haven’t looked at all of mine, but I think I run an average of about five to eight. I just can’t seem to simply start, write until I’ve said what I want to say, and then stop. I wish I could. But then, what I do mostly works for me. And it fits so beautifully with our just keep swimming mantra!

So, back to the pool. (Not literally, it’s finally feeling too cold for swimming. More hours to write, right?)

I did have the lovely experience yesterday of sending a friend a few hundred words of what I was working on and having him text me back “wow, that’s good.” It gives me a nice little glow of pleasure as I dive back into that chapter.