So my friend Tim read and reviewed my last chapter on fictionpress. A really great review, thoughtful and also supportive, the kind of review where you know the reader actually read the chapter and enjoyed it. He ending with something like, “And I want the next one. On Saturday. Grin.” Because he knew that was so, so, so unlikely. I’ve been producing chapters at the rate of that drop of viscous liquid that took some guys in Scotland forty years to see.

It worked, though. Totally motivated me and today was a satisfying 1200 word day, not including the 300 word conversation I wrote that will come later in the book. That happened when I got stuck and refused to give up without finishing 1000 words. I figured I’d just write where my brain was, work it in later.

Good writing day! It also included margaritas, I wonder if I could declare those things connected?