I’m not going to turn this into a food blog, I promise. Apart from any other reason, I don’t feel inclined to learn enough about photography and lighting to do all the pretty pictures most food blogs have. That said, I’ve had so much yummy food lately.

I made this recipe for grilled shrimp with italian tomato salsa from simplyrecipes, and it was delicious. Brushing the shrimp with olive oil and sprinkling with salt made it so much tastier than shrimp just stuck on the grill, so yay, learned something new.

The next night, we made fish in parchment pockets again. We had a lot of the italian tomato salsa left over, so it became the vegetable used on top of coho salmon. 2013-08-29 21.20.22. Yum, yum, and yum again. Never tried tomatoes with salmon before, but they added a lovely flavor.

Last night, we were going to have chicken and I decided to try an Asian-inspired pan sauce. Sherry, red wine vinegar, soy sauce and red paper flakes with a teaspoon of butter. It didn’t work out exactly the way I expected it to, because I decided to cook the rice noodles in the sauce and the sauce got soaked up by the noodles. Instead of a sauce poured over chicken and rice noodles, it wound up being spicy rice noodles with chicken. The noodles had serious kick to them, which blended well with the plain chicken, so serendipity for the win. 2013-08-30 19.42.26

In other news, writing has been going really well, until this morning, when I decided that the chapter I’m working on stinks. *sigh* Yes, that is the reason I’m writing about food now. I promised myself I wasn’t leaving the house until I’d written 500 words one way or another, and this post counts for at least 350 of them.

However, I still love–and am definitely going to save, somehow, one way or another!–this bit:

Zane shrugged. “Tough to say. If you ask Akira, she’ll mutter some mumbo-jumbo about quantum entanglement and the position of photons in time.”

Hmm, when I went back to copy that bit, I found at least three more bits that I quite like. So maybe this chapter isn’t as bad as I was thinking it was an hour ago…