Zelda playing ball

Posted on tumblr because I couldn’t figure out how to post a video here. Less than 30 seconds long, though, and worth the click if you like cute dogs behaving in cute ways. 🙂

Someone suggested Shadow for the new dog name. It would have been a good name, because he follows two steps behind Zelda like a little black shadow to her slightly bigger white body. Instead he’s Bartlebee. He’s doing okay. I think I’m probably going to perpetually worry about his health — he’s a wheezy little guy, snores horribly and has times when he sounds as if he’s choking on snot. (Sorry to put that graphic into your head.) But he’s peaceful and happy-go-lucky and has been quick to pick up new house rules.

In other news, R is in Seattle. I miss him horribly. Not going to dwell on that, because it will make me sadder, but oh, I miss him.

But my friend C has moved in, so my nest was not empty for long. C likes to cook, even more than I do, and we are having amazing meals. C is fond of slow cooker foods wrapped in tortillas and I’m fond of grilled foods wrapped in tortillas, so we’re mostly eating interesting tortilla concoctions: Korean pulled beef with cabbage and carrots, buffalo chicken with blue cheese and celery, jerk shrimp with avocado and tomato. All wrapped in tortillas. C picks the healthy whole-grain kind, but I’m finishing up the flour tortillas. I’ll probably switch to whole-grain when I run out of flour and see how that goes. I’m eating healthier but I’m also eating more, so any nod to fewer calories is probably a good idea.

Anyway, I keep saying I should take pictures and keep not remembering, but I do want to remember this dish. On Friday, we made fish cooked in parchment paper. We took the fillets (swai, a fish I’d never tried before), sprinkled them with salt and paper, added a couple of thin slices of lime, some small pieces of zucchini, carrots, and green onions, cilantro, and a little olive oil mixed with wine, and folded them into parchment paper envelopes. Baked in the oven for fifteen minutes and it was so, so good. Really easy and fast, absolutely healthy, plus the only dirty dishes were the knife and the cutting board. Ha. It wasn’t even expensive. The fish (to feed four( cost less than $5 at the fish market. Totally worth making again and again–although C and I were already talking about all the possible variations. I want to try it with tomatoes and olives, and then with lemons and asparagus, and even though I’m not a huge pepper fan, I think peppers and onions and some Season-all would probably be tasty. So many options!