Early morning view from window

View from our window at Caye Reef

I suspect that all my pictures are going to be of early morning, because so far it appears that I left the battery charger for the camera plugged into my wall at home. I’m grateful for the iPad, but I do not intend to carry it around with me all day long so that I can take bad pictures with it. For morning, though, it’s nice.

Caye Caulker is a tiny, mellow, colorful island. Most of what there is to do seems to be to go elsewhere, on sailboat tours, snorkeling, manatee watches, dive trips. You can rent bikes or get a ride on a golf cart, but there are no cars and the roads are sand. The front street is lined with vendors and shops and rustic, open air bars and restaurants. Yesterday day, Suzanne and I theorized that this was a night time town, quiet in the day. Then we went out to dinner and wandered home in the dark and revised our theory to it being a peaceful town. It’s probably not the most crowded time of year, but it’s really gorgeous. Writing on the iPad is quite the pain, though — it just tried to convince me that although I had typed ‘gorgeous’ what I really meant was ‘ogre dust’, because that comes up in conversation so often.

Last night, I tried conch for the first time at Rose’s Grill. The grill is set up outside a bar and you pick from platters of raw fish, shish kebabs and crab claws. I always want to try the thing I’ve never had before so conch it was. Conch tastes like leather. Well, no, it tastes like nothing, but chews like leather. Good to know! The fish creole at the Lazy Lizard the night before was fantastic, though, and I’m looking forward to today’s food adventures.