My computer has become infested with malware, making the internet essentially unusable. I’ve tried a variety of things to fix it, but every time, either I get frustrated after an hour or two and decide to try again later (fast-forward another week or ten days before I’m willing to tackle it again) or I think I have it fixed only to discover a day or two later that I’m wrong, wrong, wrong. By unusable, I mean that when I’m typing, it may take seconds between letters. When I’m browsing, clicking links takes me to random sites, not related to the sites I’ve clicked on. Filling out forms is simply impossible, and I’m not willing to go to any secure site (ie banking or business related) in case a keylogger is waiting to steal my password. In other words, unusable.

I have to fix it. I know I have to fix it. I know that I’m the only person who’s going to fix it. But somehow, I’m just stuck. It’s so much easier to turn the computer off and play Sudoku on my iPad. It’s a problem at exactly the wrong level of serious annoyance but not quite completely incapacitating.

But there is hope. I’ve been following a site called Unfuck Your Habitat . . .

You know, I got exactly this far in writing this post, and then I heard the voice of Ms. UFYH in my head and it was saying, “Excuses are boring.” It was a nice voice. Friendly, maybe a little tiny bit southern, in that way that some southerners can pull off of saying something mean in such a way that it sounds gentle, even though it’s not. But firm, very firm. So away I went and now, four and half hours later, my computer is reformatted and I’m online again and my most important software (Word, so that I can keep writing) and my most important files (the Time files, of course!) are all back online.

Not only that, the two most recent boxes of stuff from my mom’s house are unpacked and somewhat put away, and the kitchen cupboards are reorganized so that some of the china can fit into the kitchen, making it far more usable than if it were stuck in a box in a closet somewhere. And the coffee plus coffee supplies are actually next to the coffee maker. If the camera battery was charged, I’d go take pictures.

I’ve needed to fix my computer since July. It’s October.

Typing at full speed. Checking my email in seconds instead of tedious minutes. Clicking on a link and having it go where I want it to go…It wasn’t 20 minutes. But I’m so, so, so glad that I finally just stopped making excuses and got it done!

Thank you, #ufyh!