I’m trying to force myself to make my pricing experiment last through the weekend. I said I was going to try it for a week and it’s not a real experiment unless one follows the rules. But so far a .99 price is decidedly not worth it. I’ve sold more copies, but I’ve made so much less money. In a month to month comparison, the first five days of April, I sold 42 copies and made probably $100. In the first five days of May, I’ve sold 56 copies and made just under $20. So yes, people buy more at the lower price point, but nowhere close to the eight times as much needed to make it an equivalent value.

I think I just talked myself out of continuing my experiment for another two days. I’d have to sell 322 copies in the next two days to make the .99 price be a break-even price and that’s so unlikely as to be laughable.So… time to change the price. Wow, I bet this was a fascinating post for anyone not interested in self-publishing (not!)