I’m at the place where I start to think that everything I’m writing is completely and utterly idiotic, the stupidest plot that anyone’s ever come up with and miserably stilted to boot. Fortunately, I’ve now written enough long stories (admittedly, most of them fanfic) that I recognize the phase. Usually I hit it at closer to 30K words and this time I’m nearer 60K, so I guess that’s a sign that I’m improving. With something, anyway. I’m trying hard to remind myself that my beta readers really liked Chapter 6 (the most recent chapter they’ve seen) so I’m doing something right even though everything I’ve written today is utter crap.

Assuming that I can keep writing through this stage — a reasonably safe assumption, I usually do — by the end of the week, Thought will be the longest story I’ve written this century. Not as long as the first version of the novel I once-upon-a-time almost finished, but pretty long. I’m not leaving myself as much time for editing, though, which ought to make me nervous — ah, except that this time I’ve got beta readers working on it now and with Ghosts I waited until I finished. All right, so I won’t get nervous about that. Yet, anyway.