The strangest part of having started OhLife when I did (last April) is that my reminders wind up being all about grief. Or almost all about grief. Today’s OhLife message:

“Spent the day hanging out with Mom at the hospice. It’s almost the end. And the whole thing is surreal. You want the last moment to be right — to be reading a psalm or saying I love you or being focused on her face (most beautiful as it happens, she is lovely in her last moments). And yet — what the hell, eventually listening to Britney Spears is just a fucking relief.”

Eventually, a decade from now, the days could all merge together. Maybe in ten years worth of February 17ths, there will be some good, some bad, some uncertain. Instead, though, I have a year that’s almost all about dying. But hey, listening to Britney Spears is still a relief.