I decided to use my first free day on Amazon on Saturday, one week to the day after I published. I had intended to not use any of them until after Christmas, but I’d also thought that once I had ten reviews, I would use one. And as of yesterday, I have twelve reviews. Yay! Twelve! It makes me so happy.

I sort of feel as if I shouldn’t write that, as if being happy because people say they like my work is juvenile and I should grow up. But I also hope, of course, that someday I’ll have hundreds of reviews. And when that day comes, I’d like to be able to come back to this post and remember this joy. I want to be able to stay as excited when other people like Akira and Zane as I am right now. That’s probably unrealistic (apart from anything, I love Sylvie and Lucas, too, now and I hope more and other characters will be stealing my attention in the months and years to come), but still this is a memory I want to keep. And that’s what this blog originally meant to be: saved memories. So…it may be silly of me, but today I am happy.

And on Saturday, Ghosts will be free. I can tell already that I’m not going to be able to settle into writing at all, except probably emailing people to say hey, please download my book, so Caroline is coming over and we’re going to bake Christmas cookies. And I’m going to spend two hours in the morning nudging people to make the download and spread the word, and then I’m going to shut the computer down and make cupcake cookies and sugar cookies and maybe even some snicker doodles, and hope for the best.