This morning, I woke up to some very odd light outside. I went outside to check it out and it was the loveliest sky I had seen in ages, white clouds, gold light shining through, and while I was standing there a bird — one of the kind with ridiculously long legs — flew overhead, and I knew that the world was, at the very least, beautiful. 
Then Rory came out and I went back in to start my tea, until he called me and told me to bring a camera with that hushed sound in his voice that meant that either the dog was being insanely cute or there was some weird wild animal in the yard. I carefully hurried to join him. 
It was a double rainbow, amazing and magical and stunningly beautiful. We stood there and looked at every color, the purple, the blue, the green, the yellow, the orange, the red, each one distinctly visible yet blending into the next. And as we walked inside, Rory said, perplexed, “But how can we have rainbows now? Isn’t the light all wrong for it? Doesn’t it have to be at a certain angle?” 
While I’m sure some truly scientific person could have explained how a rainbow could exist at that time of day and in that sky, I don’t feel the need to. I think Malcolm’s spirit met up with my mom’s spirit and with his exuberance and energy said, let’s go visit. 
May your day have rainbows.