When my grandfather died, back in 1990, Chris told me that we had to go to a movie, and I picked Pretty Woman. As I recall, he grumbled, but I still remember it fondly. That happy ending was just what I needed.

So this morning, I was on the phone, feeling helpless, not knowing what to do, and I said, Cowboys and Aliens. Harrison Ford, sci-fi, summer blockbuster type, what could go wrong? Only Daniel Craig spends half the movie searching for his lost love and it turns out she’s DEAD. But that’s okay, because he’s met Olivia Wilde. Only she DIES. And then that’s okay, because she comes back to life, woo-hoo. Until she DIES again. I’m not sure I could have picked a worse movie in which to try to hide our grief if I’d tried.

I think that I will always have a niggling regret that she was alone when she died. I don’t know that having someone hold her hand would have made any sort of difference, but I wish I’d been there. Or that someone had been there.