Things here seem to be mostly status quo. I saw Mom only briefly yesterday, because Karen and her kids arrived at about the same time as Rory and me, so we didn’t stay for long. (Five people and a dog is too much for her, I think.) When I went back later in the evening, she was already sleeping, so we didn’t stay.

Today I spent a couple hours with her, but again, she slept through most of it. I did notice that the nurse was using applesauce with her pills now: I think that might be jumping the gun a little bit, as Mom said that she could swallow them fine, but obviously the nurse knows that it will get more difficult with time.

Werner L is headed back home tomorrow. He’ll come back, but after the past several days, we seem to have settled into a temporary normal. Mom sleeps a lot, and is pretty heavily medicated, but they’re very good at the hospice about making sure they stop the pain before it gets bad, so she doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable.