I’m surprised by how really truly tired I feel. I have weird moments where I just can’t keep my eyes open, and ten minutes later I realize I’ve actually fallen asleep, sometimes with the computer still on my lap. These little ten minute naps, though, are oddly refreshing: I get two hours worth of energy off them. And then I’m exhausted again, desperately wanting to lie down and pull the covers up. I think I’ve probably fallen asleep eight times in the last 48 hours.

I sat down this afternoon to read my ethics assignment and read for ten minutes and then thought, no, I’d really rather be talking to my dad instead. So I picked up the phone and called him and it was exactly the right choice. He said today had been pretty bad, that he’d been in a foul mood in the morning. Foul mood? My dad? I tried to picture it, and not so much. He’s “eternally optimistic” according to my mom’s sister, “able to make the best of whatever comes his way,” according to his sister. Yep. But some things stretch even the most resilient.

Gah, time to go to class. I’m going to do badly on a quiz or two. Knowing that is less stressful than it would have been two weeks ago.