I’ve been trying to think of a New Year’s resolution for days now. Since before the old year ended and this new decade started. A new decade! Think of that. How amazing.

It’s not as if it’s a blank slate: all the baggage from the old decade comes with us. But still, it feels like an opportunity to cultivate change. My problem is that I can’t figure out what kind of change to cultivate, nor how exactly I want to go about it. Lose weight, exercise, get out of the house more often, nurture plants, try harder to live in moments, meditate, actively cherish my boy and the people/creatures I love…all those seem really obvious and yet completely uninspiring. I feel as if a decade deserves a challenging goal, a worthy goal. And yet whenever I try to think of what that should be (encompassing it within the bounds of what I really might be willing to do in the next decade, so no joining the Peace Corps or living on Mars), total blank. What do I want to do? And why is that such a hard question?