Wandered around part of the supposed home town today, canvassing for Obama. In a broad sense, it was an absolute waste of four hours. Didn’t change anyone’s mind, didn’t convince anyone to vote who wasn’t planning on voting already, didn’t help anyone get to the polls. But it was a pleasure to see the joy on some people’s faces when they talked about voting for Obama. Most of the regrettably few people I spoke to were just…voters. Yep, they were gonna vote, yep, they knew the drill.

But there was an older black woman who had already voted who was so happy to tell me that she’d cast her ballot already and a young girl who told me that she and her mom and her brother and her dad would all be at the library first thing Monday morning and with both of them, the excitement was palpable. It made it real. It reminded me of what a miracle this is. He might win. I still don’t believe he will–I think he himself said that if it’s possible to screw it up, the Democrats will, and I certainly lean in the direction of believing that. And, honestly, I’m still terrified for his safety. But, oh, what a joy it will be if it happens. For me and for so many others who have and do suffer so much more than I do from the inequalities of our society.