Greg started a coffee company last year: Busker’s Brew, because he is a person who cares passionately about good coffee. I myself am not a person who cares passionately about good coffee, but once a week, he and I have been meeting for an entrepreneurial accountability meeting, and he provides the coffee. It is, in fact, excellent coffee, so if you, dear reader, are interested in coffee and not using one of those Keurig coffee makers, you should check it out. Support small businesses! And entrepreneurs!

Our accountability meetings are great. We’re not efficient about them — they always run well over an hour, which in my corporate days would have maddened me. But it’s conversation and goal-setting and discussion of online businesses and sharing info about marketing and classes and so on. Also watching dogs play, mostly in my backyard in the sunshine. Riker and Sophie are ridiculously cute together. If I ever figure out how to post video to my web site, I’ll share one of them romping while Greg talks about keywords and search engine optimization techniques in the background. I was listening, really I was. But I was also filming dogs being cute.

And I just did some quick research and the answer is no, I’m never going to post videos on my website because I use shared hosting and I don’t have the bandwidth. So I’ve posted it to Instagram instead, and if you’re interested, you can either click the post when it shows up in the blog’s sidebar, or try this link: rambunctious dogs having fun.

I’m still working on ALL the things, including learning ALL the things. I’ve concluded that I have to prioritize, because it is just not possible to do everything at once, but I haven’t decided on my priorities yet. I intended to create a course first, then write a book, then open up to working one on one with clients, but it’s looking as if that’s backwards, just because of the technology challenges of the course development. I can’t even embed a video on my website, ha. But I’m researching course creation apps and platforms. And mailing list software, and web design tools, and all the things.

Meanwhile, I’m currently taking three courses: The Yale course on happiness called The Science of Well-Being, via Coursera; the Health and Nutrition Life Coach Certification via Transformation Academy; and another course from them called The Online Course Revolution. Last week I did one called Bingeworthy, How to Make Addictive Online Courses, on, as well as the first two.

The Health and Nutrition Certification class is by far the slowest certification class for me, in part because some of it is repetitive of things I’ve already done, which makes it hard to pay attention (although repetition aids learning, so I should still pay attention!) and in part because some of it is… just not me. I absolutely anticipate writing about food and mood and movement in my Choosing Happiness materials, but none of it will be about losing weight or going to the gym. I’ll finish the course eventually, but I’m aiming for the Master Wellness Coach certification to go along with my Master Life Coach certification and I think that’s probably going to take a while. I’m really just not capable of binging it, but according to xperiencify, only 3% of people who start an online course actually finish it, so I’m ahead of the curve anyway.

I was working on a revised bio last week, mostly for the Choosing Happiness website, which is still a work in progress, but this was part of it: Wendy Sharp is a writer, editor, publisher, designer, counseling school dropout, certified master life coach, certified happiness coach, certified wellness coach, overly fond of continuing education and certifications, and an excellent cook. Under the pen name Sarah Wynde, she is the author of Practicing Happiness: a Memoir of Van Life, as well as multiple fiction titles. 

Obviously, I don’t have that wellness certification yet, so I won’t be posting it anywhere officially, but it made me laugh. It might not last, of course.

Speaking of being an excellent cook, though, I did the weirdest thing for breakfast this morning and it was delicious. I’d been sick for the past few days and my stomach was still feeling doubtful, so I decided I’d just have eggs for breakfast. A nice simple omelette, no veggies. Or maybe just a little onion. Or maybe just a little onion and this arugula chimichurri that I made the other day with arugula, parsley, garlic, and red onion. Then I remembered that I had tomatoes. Tomatoes are kind of a pain in an omelette, IMO, because they’re too wet, so I like to cook them first, then add the cooked tomatoes to the omelette. So I cooked the tomatoes with the red onion, and eventually added some of the chimichurri, but I was feeling lazy, so instead of taking them out of the pan, cooking the egg and then adding the tomatoes to the egg, I just poured the beaten eggs on top. I sprinkled the egg with feta and some grated parmesan, and then, because I wanted the cheese to melt and I wasn’t going to try to flip the omelette, I covered it and left it alone for a couple minutes. Oh, and I threw in some fresh basil and oregano while cooking the tomatoes, because why not?


egg dish

It turned out so pretty. I have no idea why the egg puffed up the way it did, that was quite unexpected. It tore a little when coming out of the pan, and obviously I sprinkled it with micro greens, but it was such an aesthetically pleasing breakfast. Also, very tasty, but I expected that. The pretty was a surprise.

Yum, breakfast. Now I’m hungry.