… a tiny little Sanford story.

I took Sophie to the downtown farmer’s market. Lots of people, lots of sunshine, lots of other dogs. She was being her usual delightful self, a little curious, a little bouncy, but very good in a crowded place. We were waiting in line at the hummus stand (excellent hummus), behind a guy with a dog that was probably a yellow lab, maybe mixed with some golden retriever. Not the super fluffy kind of golden, but a nice-looking dog, who was also waiting patiently.

A young woman walking by spotted the dog ahead of us in line, and crooned to him, “Aren’t you the cutest thing ever?”

I cleared my throat.

She glanced over at me, looked down at Sophie who was looking back at her, head cocked, turned back to the yellow lab, and said, apologetically. “I’m so sorry. You’re the second cutest thing ever. Which is still very cute!”

I laughed, the guy with the yellow lab laughed, she laughed, and on we all went with our days.

But days later, it still makes me smile.

dog with ball