a picture of Sophie (my super cute dog) and me, outside, at our dog training field day I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a picture of me to my blog before. That seems impossible — it’s a personal blog, surely I’ve got some photos of my actual person on it? Maybe from my trip to the British Virgin Islands, maybe from a birthday celebration somewhere along the way? A Thanksgiving, back in my house in Winter Park? But I really don’t think so. And I’m not feeling quite so curious about the answer that I’m going to waste my time searching, so, voila, perhaps my first ever picture of me posted to my blog. (Or perhaps not.) Posted because I love it.

I love this one, too:

Sophie jumping

I personally did not take any pictures at our dog training field day yesterday, because I was too busy playing with Sophie, and she was too busy playing. I described her attitude to Suzanne as, “Sophie was not on her best behavior. Too exciting! But she did great.” That pretty much sums it up — she did the jumps, she did the tunnel, she did the balance beam and bouncy ball, she said hello politely to a few of the other dogs, and she sniffed every square inch of grass (<–only a slight exaggeration on that last). She wasn’t stellar at listening and her attitude toward the things she was supposed to circle around can best be summed up as, “why are you wasting my time, my human?” but we had much fun. And I was delighted to find these photos from the instructor in my email last night, so that I will get to be reminded of a really nice day whenever they pop up in my photo stream.

I’ve now wasted about two hours with some wandering thoughts on the North Country Fair, and I’m feeling annoyed with myself, so I think I’m going to move on to more productive ways of spending my day (yes, deleting all those meandering thoughts on the fair!). May all your Mondays be productive — or if not productive, at least pleasant! My advice for myself today: avoid overthinking. 🙂