Some looks are deceiving. Look at this adorable sweet kitten face:

Doesn’t she look sweet? A little scared, a little worried. This big world might be too much for her, don’t you think?

Or this one. It’s like she’s saying, “Me? I’m completely harmless. Totally innocent. I can’t imagine what sort of trouble you think I could get into.”


Some looks are not deceiving. Like this one:

As baleful a look as any I have ever seen on Gina’s face. If she could speak, she’d be saying something like, “On your heads be it, fools.”

Olivia, formerly Explorer Girl, is the busiest small creature I have ever met. She is a big fan of sneaking up behind you when you’re working at the stove, so you can freak out about nearly stepping on her while cooking. Also a big fan of attacking unsuspecting dogs’ tails. Also a big fan of trying to chew on power cords, yummm, so delicious. She is definitely a little lion at heart. All things must be leaped on, climbed on, jumped from, and attacked.

She’s also, of course, completely adorable, in that way that only baby things can be. At the moment, the other cats are not terribly pleased about this interloper, but it is really nice to be spending the last few weeks of 2020 focused on a kitten. She’s an excellent addition to the Mighty Small Farm!