The patio in front of the storage shed, piled high with stuff.

I’m a little sad that I neglected to take a true Before photo, but on Sunday morning, Suzanne’s storage shed (known as Dale’s house) was so stuffed with boxes and crates and buckets and miscellany that not only was there no way to get inside to find anything, there was no way to put anything more inside. Objects were piled on top of one another, and when we needed to stow some painting gear inside because it was going to rain, we had to lean against the door to close it. There’s still one box stored under the bed in Serendipity (aka my tiny house) because it was simply not possible to make room for it in the shed.

By Sunday afternoon, Dale’s house was empty, swept, and the wasp nest discovered in the corner was dead and gone.

By Monday afternoon, it was organized. In this case, a picture or two is worth a thousand words, I suspect.

One side of the interior of the storage shed, with shelves and camping gear.
The other side of the interior of the storage shed, with household items, tools, crates.

All of the objects in the front of both images (that big open gray bin and the crates next to it) are going to eventually get listed on eBay and sent off to live in someone else’s storage area or closet. Meanwhile, I’m pretty darn satisfied with our work. I had the impulse this morning to go take another picture, just because those organized shelves are so gratifying to me. I didn’t quite alphabetize the paint cans, but I was tempted. In the crate of comics, all items are organized by name and number. Every remaining box could have a single label on it specifying exactly what it contains — no “miscellaneous desk” or “junk drawer” boxes left. Satisfaction!

Meanwhile Suzanne is resolved that today — which is her official day off — is going to include only fun things, so I’m also looking forward to a fun, and rather more relaxing day. Time to get started with it!