Isolation offers a lot of time for self-reflection. In the grand scheme of things, self-reflection is pretty close to infinitely more worthwhile than reading the news, following social media, or watching the death toll tick up on the Washington Post map tracker, but I’m sick of it nonetheless. The line between insight and insult is too easy for me to cross.

Yesterday Suzanne and I took the dogs to the park after dinner and while we were there, she said, “That dinner was so good.” Then she laughed and said, “Is that the fourth time I’ve said that?” Yep.

It made me laugh, though, because dinner was grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. So exciting, yes? Admittedly, the grilled cheese sandwiches were made with caramelized onions, and the soup was sweet potato with ginger, smoked paprika, brown rice and spinach, so, yeah, it was good. And the relevance is that whenever the level of self-insult rises too high, at least I can remind myself that I taught myself to cook. Making a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich is not the world’s least accomplishment.