yellow wildflowers in Arizona
I didn’t get to see the wildflowers in Texas that I was looking forward to, but Arizona had some blossoming bushes.

Today is the day I would usually write a best of the month post. Eight states, multiple places, plenty of pretty pictures. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am just not feeling it.

Although, really, the middle of a pandemic is probably a good time to focus on the good stuff. Yes, I feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, worried, and frustrated… but on March 7th, I made dinner for my dad and stepmom. Steak, tiny potatoes, and a salad of tomato, basil, avocado, and strips of mozzarella on mixed greens with oil and vinegar. It was delicious, and the company was wonderful. That’s an evening worth remembering.

And on March 2nd, I went to Blue Springs State Park and saw the manatees with Christina, Greg, Max, and the dogs. Max and I played Pokemon, and later that day we played SongPop and laughed a lot. Maybe not that day but definitely that week, all of us played Ticket to Ride and laughed a lot. That’s worth remembering, too.

Plus, that same week, I finally made such good friends with the next door chickens that the golden ones — named Butterscotch One, Butterscotch Two, and Not Butterscotch by me — started to come running every time I opened the van door. They made me smile at a time when I was otherwise mostly feeling sad and hurt.

On March 10th, I appreciated trees, specifically the beautiful shades of green and the way the colors changed as I moved into different climates. Florida was many shades of green from spring, but Mississippi was still winter browns and yellows and reds.

And sometime in the middle of March, I had delicious spice gum drops from HEB, seriously the world’s best spice gum drops. Well, maybe not the world’s — I can’t say I’ve tried them all — but the best I’ve ever had. So spicy!

And last week I had avocado toast for breakfast. Yum. And definitely a best, especially because Suzanne delivered it to my van, first thing in the morning, while I was still in isolation. Not only did I get to be fed delicious food, I got to feel taken care of, which is always lovely, but especially so when you’ve been spending most of your time feeling sad, scared, and exhausted.

And I can’t forget my shower! On Saturday, I got to take my first hot shower in weeks — well, two weeks and a couple days, anyway. But the way to really appreciate a hot shower is not have one for much too long. Feeling clean again was so delightful.

So yeah, March 2020. It was what it was. I would say that I’m glad it’s over but April 2020 is not looking so great, either. Still, it’s going to include hot showers when I need them, plenty of fresh water, lots of cooking, hopefully some actual writing, and time with a good friend. Plus dog walks, isolated early morning beaches, and some Ticket to Ride. I am counting my blessings and there are many of them.

Stay safe!

a desert sunset
I saw some lovely desert sunsets, too. Worth appreciating!