I have decided that I don’t like February. Actually, I’ve known that before. February 2012 was a very bad month; February 2018, also not a good month. Really February 2020 doesn’t at all compare to either of those and so I should be counting my blessings. In fact, I think I’ll do that.

Blessing #1: Christina, who brings me chocolate and cooks amazing meals. Last night was bacon tacos with tomatillo salsa (really pork & pork belly, but fondly called bacon tacos), which reminds me that this morning I can have leftovers, always a nice thought.

Blessing #2: my brother, who sends me puppy pictures when I am feeling sad.

Blessing #3: Zelda, the beloved dog, who has developed the sweetest snore in her old age, always charming me.

Blessing #4: my dad and stepmom & their comfy driveway. I am so incredibly lucky that I get to sit at their breakfast table and talk to my dad about life, the universe & everything. I don’t take that for granted at all.

Blessing #5: Serenity. The van, not the emotion. I love my cozy tiny house and I love the freedom it’s given me.

Blessing #6: Lynda, my writing buddy, always in reach at the end of the text message window to encourage me and inspire me.

Blessing #7: Beautiful Florida weather. Even February could be made so much worse if it wasn’t sunny and clear outside.

Blessing #8: my chicken friends. I love that they now come running when I open the van door, I love that they’ve decided that Zelda is harmless, I love the sounds they make and I love watching them. It is impossible not to smile when you have these crazy birds in your life. Go, chickens!

I just realized that I was trying to think of two more blessings in order to make my list include ten and that annoyed me. Ugh. I am not going to become a person who writes top ten lists, that’s just ridiculous. So I will stop counting my blessings now, at least in pixels, but I will keep counting them as I get dressed in comfy clothes, walk the dog through a beautiful park with lovely spring flowers, eat a delicious breakfast of bacon tacos with eggs from chickens who eat my blueberries and Z’s dog food, and enjoy the first day of a new month. It’s going to be a great day. And a great month, too.