I’m currently staying in my friend C’s driveway: it’s a comfortable and familiar driveway, so I’m not exactly taking a lot of pictures. I decided to start this post, therefore with a throwback photo from some other November 4th. The only photo I’ve ever taken on November 4th (at least in the era from which I have photos stored on my computer) was of the tree that I had two photos of in my last post.

another autum color photo

The same old tree

I thought that was really interesting and kind of cool, and then I realized… today’s not November 4th, it’s the 5th. Oh, well, it’s still a pretty picture of a tree. And in answer to a previous question, I have no idea what kind of tree it is. I hope it manages to survive Pennsylvania’s lanternfly invasion, though. Those bugs were absolutely everywhere when I left PA.

So far, NaNoWriMo is going well for me. My story may make no sense when I’m done, but it’s quite fun and I’m enjoying the serendipity of discovery writing. I resolved when I started that I would never backtrack, no revisions along the way. No such thing as a bad direction (with the exception of my “delete the last three paragraphs” die roll.) Twice already — in the first five days! — I’ve discovered that I’m headed down a path that wasn’t where I meant to go. Instead of “fixing” it, I’ve played along. Honestly, that is so much more fun than revising. A thing to remember for the future, perhaps.

I was going to give you a snippet, because I am amusing myself, but one of my other new NaNo principles is no rereading what I’ve written and it’s hard to find a snippet without reading. Also, a lot of the parts that are most amusing to me are either spoilers or require context. So I will spare you a snippet. But now I will get back to writing, because I’m still aiming to write at least another 1000 words today — along with laundry and dishwashing and cooking prep and a shower and dinner with a friend. My clock is ticking fast!