tree at sunrise

Not Blueberry Pond

Blueberry Pond Campground in Pownal is a nice little family-run independent campground, just about five miles away from Freeport, Maine, and the outdoor shopping available there: ie, LL Bean, North Face, Patagonia, and so. The above picture, however, is not of Blueberry Pond, but of a sunrise at Glooscap in Nova Scotia, because I left Blueberry Pond yesterday and only this morning realized that I took no pictures while I was there. None, nada, zip, zilch. It was actually a reasonable campground: my window faced onto forest, so my site was nicely private, and it was green and pretty and reasonably spacious. I would happily stay there again.

But it was no Glooscap. I sort of suspect that’s what I’m going to be saying about a lot of campgrounds in the future: nice, but no Glooscap. This is made somewhat more amusing to me by the discovery that Glooscap is a legendary native figure who is “kind, benevolent, a warrior against evil and the possessor of magical powers.”

But I’ve moved on, both from Nova Scotia and from Maine. I’ll be spending the next week or so visiting friends and family in Massachusetts, and by this time next week, I expect I’ll be back in Pennsylvania, staying at my brother’s house for a while. A more organized person would be making a list of all the self-publishing related things I should be doing while I have good internet — updating keywords, revising print files, exploring AMS ads — and probably even getting started on that list, but I’m going to treat the next week as mostly vacation time. Yesterday, I broke my writing streak of 661 days of writing 1000 words every day, and I actually felt fine about it. It felt like a very conscious decision to let go of the requirements I impose upon myself.