Grace released a month ago.

I thought I had thoughts about that, but now I’ve been staring at a blank screen for twenty minutes, so maybe I don’t. But if you’ve read Grace, and you want to read an extra scene from it, I hid one up in the Scribbles section. Click the link or check the menu at the top of the site.

I try not to read reviews, because I don’t need other people’s critical voices in my head — my own critical voice is loud enough. But I glanced at Goodreads and was pleased to see some of the more negative (but thoughtful) reviews there. I really liked the one that said Grace gets short-changed in her own romance. So true, so true! I’m also really glad that there are more positive reviews than negative, of course. 🙂

But reviews aren’t meant for authors, they’re meant for other readers, to help them find books, so this is your one-and-only nudge from me — if you’d like to help other readers find my books, writing a review really helps. Of course, you might not want to help other readers find my books and that’s totally fair. You might not even read my books! You might be here hoping to find out what I think about Nova Scotia, or what I’m cooking in the van lately, or even just to see cute dog pictures. She is a very cute dog, after all.

Short answers: Nova Scotia is beautiful, still stuck on quinoa bowls; and yes, she is cute.

Cute dog in front of van with water in background

The view from the van window is stunning. I’ve only been in this site for one night, but I never want to leave.