My resolution to write about every place I stay is taking a hit from moving too fast and being too stressed. For my own future reference, when I am trying to put together my Year Three itinerary eleven months and a couple weeks from now, I went from Allentown to:

Barber Homestead in Westport, NY (independent) for two days
Jacques Cartier State Park in Morristown, NY (state park) for two days
Cedar Beach Campground in Eganville, Ontario (independent) for two days
Lake Saint Peter Provincial Park in Lake Saint Peter, Ontario (province) for two days

This is not how I want to travel. It’s made worse right now because of Zelda, of course, because it’s not relaxing at all to be traveling with an injured dog. I was stressed yesterday about how pink her stitches looked, debating whether I should find a vet to take a look. Finally decided that the problem was probably that she was jumping too much and I’d wait and see. They look better today and she’s getting seriously restless. She’s still limping heavily, but she wants to go for her walks. She was ridiculously excited this morning when I got her leash out. Hmm, and I just remembered that I totally forgot to give her the painkiller she’s supposed to have this evening. Must do that.

But Lake Saint Peter first — I’m not going to remember this park, unfortunately. No walks means that we haven’t seen anything but our campsite. It’s a nice campsite, surrounded by trees, feels very private, even though there’s plenty of other campsites within hearing distance. Many ferns, many birch trees, and a generous supply of plants that look like they might be poison ivy, but I hope are not. There’s a total fire ban on, so no lovely smell of campfires at night, and it’s been overcast and rainy, so no stars either. I know that there’s a lake somewhere — I suspect it’s a nice lake — but it’s not within walking distance for a dog that can’t walk. So basically, I have been sitting inside the van, feeling tired and anxious.

trees and a campsite

Fortunately, it is a very peaceful view from the window.

Tomorrow, I head out to pick up R. I’ll get him first thing in the morning and then we’re going to make a long, long drive — over six hours — into Vermont. We’ll be camping at a state park there through the weekend, no electricity, but good company. And maybe Zelda will get to go to an animal acupuncturist, because of course they have those in Vermont.