print book cover for A Gift of Grace

The spine size on the cover is undoubtedly wrong. Grace is the longest book I’ve ever written.

The voices are driving him crazy. And he’s driving them crazy, too.

For Noah Blake, pretending to be normal is getting harder by the day. A near brush with death in Iraq has left him suffering from chronic auditory hallucinations. Ignoring the voices he hears isn’t always easy, but Noah knows it’s better than the alternatives.

Yet when a mysterious redhead hands him a seemingly innocuous business card, a new voice — that of a teenage boy — becomes too insistent to deny. It wants him to go to Tassamara. It swears he’ll find help there.

It’s bad enough to have hallucinations, but doing what they say is bound to lead to disaster.

Isn’t it?

I wrote that sometime before December 8, 2014. The reason I know the date is because that’s when I had the cover done for A Gift of Grace. I’m… amused? Yeah, that’s the word. It still applies! Four years later, innumerable revisions, a plot that’s included multiple career changes for my main character, about a hundred thousand words written and not used, and here I am, back where I started.

So what do you think of the blurb? Does it sound like something you want to read?