spring in leaves and flowers

“… early spring, when the first leaves are at the bottom of the trees and they seem to float in space in a wonderful way…” – David Hockney, on wanting to paint spring

Zelda and I went on a three mile hike today, through pine scrub forests and wetlands, along a boardwalk and a bumpy, tree-root-filled dirt path. And some paved road, too. It was glorious. It was not, however, our usual first thing in the morning walk, because a) it was COLD at 7AM, here in Georgia, and b) it was also crazily dark.

Sunrise was at 7:44 AM, which I know because I asked Alexa. That’s actually a solid 32 minutes later than sunrise wherever Alexa thinks I live, which I know because while I was staring out my window at the barely lightening sky, we had this conversation.

Me: Alexa, what time is it?
Alexa: It’s 7:08 AM.
Me: Alexa, what time is sunrise?
Alexa: Sunrise is at 7:12 AM.
Me: So why is it so dark outside?
Alexa: …
Me: Alexa, why is it so dark outside?
Alexa: Sorry, I’m not sure.
Me: Alexa, what time is sunrise in Adel, Georgia?
Alexa: Sunrise is at 7:44 AM.
Me: Wow, that’s weird.
Alexa: …

She is not always the best conversationalist. Still, it’s pretty cool that from the comfort of being buried under my covers — two blankets last night for the first time in months! — I can find out what’s happening with the sky.

Anyway, Z and I wound up taking a quick walk, then coming back to Serenity for breakfast and miscellaneous chores. Well, I did miscellaneous chores. Zelda had a nap. But around lunch time we went for our walk and it was spectacular. Probably about fifty-five degrees, with spring popping up around every corner: those pink flowers, and yellow flowers, but also just the early green leaves starting on bare branches. It made me very happy to be in a spring that felt so spring-like.

And I’m happy to be on the road again, too. I really had a lovely last couple of weeks in Florida: I got to spend time with lots of friends, and finished it off with a couple fun days with family. Movies and interesting food and writing with friends, some great conversations and coffee dates — what more could anyone want? But apparently I also want nature and bird song and for the van to be connected to a safe water supply.

And long walks through interesting terrain, the smell of my neighbors’ campfires, and starry, starry night skies.