bathroom picture

I am not going to start posting pictures of bathrooms, but the KOA I’m staying at has the nicest bathrooms of any campground I have ever seen. Better even than a lot of hotels I’ve stayed at. Each bathroom is an individual room, not a stall, with good water pressure and plenty of hot water. And they’re gender neutral, which makes so much sense to me. In fact, now that I’m writing about it, I sort of want to go take another shower, just to take advantage.

If I had kids with me, I’d also want to take advantage of the pool, the water play area, the playground, the in-ground trampoline-like thing, the sandbox, the mineral mining play station, and maybe even the volleyball court.

pool and water play area

The colorful posts in the background spray water during the day.

mining play structure

You buy a bag of dirt at the camp store and then filter it using the gold mining pans and water. No promise of gold, but the dirt contains colorful rocks and fossils.

Since I have no kids with me… well, if there were less expensive campground options that were equally close to my aunt and uncle’s place, I’d probably go for one of them. But this is a very nice campground, and I have a great campsite. If I had a big vehicle, I’d be annoyed by how un-level my site is — it’s got a fair amount of slope — but it works fine for Serenity. And it’s tucked into a nice, private back corner, so dark that last night while I was falling asleep, I was counting stars (lots of them) and watching fireflies.