I’ve only been in three spots this month: the garden house, NYC, and Frances Slocum State Park. Although technically, I’ve spent a few nights in my brother’s guest bedroom when it has been just too hot to stay in Serenity, so maybe that’s a fourth spot. Either way, picking a “Best of” place is impossible, because each was great in different ways.

NYC was a terrific tourist weekend. It didn’t feel like real life at all, and I didn’t try to get any work done — we just touristed hard. If I was judging the best of the month based only on being a tourist (well, and maybe on the deliciousness of the food I was eating), New York would have to win. But Frances Slocum was time hanging out with my niece, and I so adore her — she’s great company. And then the garden house has been a delightful place to spend time.

Hmm, I think I need to try a different approach to my best of this month. Instead of best place, best moments:

  • Picking blueberries with my brother in companionable silence.
  • Talking to my niece about friendship and names and shoe fashions.
  • Playing video games, specifically Skyforge, with my nephew.
  • Watching my friend completely geek out about classic cars in NYC.
  • Watching the fireflies at the garden house.

I’m not sure those are in the right order, but they’re the moments I hope I remember from June of 2017.