So yesterday’s sunset was pretty decidedly the best sunset of April, I think. I saw some nice ones in the beginning of the month, in Trimble Park, and Trimble Park definitely had the best sunrises, but last night was gorgeous.

I needed a gorgeous sunset, too. Serenity’s sink is still not fixed, so I’ve given up on getting out of Florida until the end of May, and it’s really hot. I haven’t figured out how to sleep with the air-conditioning running and I’m starting to feel as fragile and sleep-deprived as I did when Rory was a newborn. I bet if you poked me the wrong way, I would burst into tears. Fortunately, the dogs don’t do a lot of poking.

And this is a best of post, not a worst of, so let’s see… I’m going to go with the two things that immediately jumped into my head.

First, wandering around Universal Studios with my niece, going on ALL the rides, and having serious discussions of superheroes and super powers. Her choice of super-power was basically to be Fen from A Lonely Magic, able to change interior decoration & clothes at will. And no, she hasn’t read A Lonely Magic — she’s definitely too young — nor did she know anything about it, so I’m taking it as evidence of how much we are kindred spirits. No one else involved had a great day, but M & I had fun.

And second, sitting on my friend L’s back porch in Merritt Island, talking about writing and marketing and self-publishing and life and ALL the things. Feeling the cool breeze from the water, admiring the view, writing good words.

Of course, this is making me remember all the other fun things I did this month — dinner with family, Pokemon hunting with J, yoga with C, going to the movies with R. The month didn’t involve a lot of nature or even travel — four campgrounds, plus four driveways, and beginning to end was spent in Florida — but it was very, very sociable.

Unfortunately, not very productive. But I am hoping to make up for that in the next two weeks. I’ll be sitting still at my current campground (of which more later) for the next twelve days. Well, not literally sitting still — at some point, I will have to go to the grocery store because I’d be getting very hungry around the 10th day, I think, and of course Zelda and I will still be going for walks, no matter how hot it gets. (Hot. Very hot. Sticky and miserable hot, dry wind blowing sand in your face hot. And/or no see ‘ums hot. Although I’m not sure I can blame the bugs on the weather, really.)

Mostly, however, I will be sitting still, admiring the gorgeous view, and trying to get Grace and Noah to their happy ending.