I just turned out the lights and opened the blinds, told Alexa to set a sleep timer for thirty minutes, wiggled my way around the dog that was sleeping on my pillow, apologizing to her when she grumbled but pointing out that it is MY pillow, not hers, and settled down to go to sleep.

Outside my window, the night is not totally dark. The camper next to mine has some kind of a glowy light on their picnic table and I can see the little blue & green dots of light from my surge protector. But I can also see stars through shadowed trees. Not a ton of stars, just a sprinkling of them, but enough to give the night a sense of mystery.

It’s also got a sense of chill. It’s going down to the high 30s tonight apparently, and the walls are cold. The heater works great, so I’m not cold, but when I brush against the walls and the window, there’s a definite chill. It feels like winter.

So I was thinking, as I snuggled down into my bed, “Maybe I should blog about that tomorrow. Feeling like winter. Sense of mystery… hey, wait. Isn’t today a Monday?”

I think today is a Monday. I’m pretty sure, in fact, that it’s a Monday. And I have blogged every single Monday of 2016. But today I just forgot. I gave a presentation at my dad’s computer club about self-publishing this afternoon and was still writing it this morning. Well, writing it but also finding pictures, positioning them, doing all that Powerpoint stuff. After I gave the presentation, I walked the dogs, then packed up and headed off to a new campground. Getting settled, cooking dinner, walking the dogs again… and suddenly I was in bed, settling down to a chilly sleep with a beautiful view and no blog post.

And now I am going to settle down to a chilly sleep with a beautiful view and a very brief blog post. In five weeks, I’ll decide whether I’m going to continue blogging every Monday, but meanwhile, I am glad I remembered in time not to break my streak!