My dad’s dog is here visiting for a week. I’m sure I’ve posted pictures of him before, but he’s just about the size of Zelda, if a bit heavier, golden and fluffy. He’s a mix of poodle and something else, maybe cocker spaniel? I should remember, but I don’t.

At any rate, three dogs underfoot and on the bed is somehow qualitatively different than two dogs. Instead of having a couple of dogs, I have a flock of dogs. And they are a flock, not a pack, because they are all fluffy. It’s a little collection of fluff balls. Alone, none of them are too, too fluffy — well, B pushes the line. But put them together and suddenly, it’s a serious fluff experience. I would love to get a really good picture of the three of them, but I can never quite get all of them to be cute at the same moment, unless I’m in the kitchen, in which case I don’t have a camera around.

And I am babbling in order to avoid the reality that it’s already past noon and I have written exactly one sentence this morning. I should try to write a second one, because maybe it would lead to a third and then a fourth. I haven’t broken my writing streak yet — I have written every day of 2016 — but the past two days were not good writing days. I’m annoyed at myself, because I can see how I’m being resistant, even sort of understand why, and yet… knowing my reasons doesn’t help me overcome the sensation of wanting to do anything, anything other than write.

I’ve even watched a lot of television. I started watching Person of Interest because of a clip online about the dog, Bear. I am fairly sure I got hooked mostly because I wanted a distraction and it fit the bill, but I’m definitely hooked now. Sometimes it crosses the line into hokey-ness and melodrama and I definitely need to exercise my willing suspension of disbelief, sometimes to a fairly extreme level, but it is, unexpectedly, a show with incredibly fun, powerful female characters.

Ugh, and I just got totally sucked into an Internet rabbit hole of reading about the characters because I wanted to link to my favorite one. But the links I found were all so spoiler-ific that I will not do that to you! I’m also feeling a little bummed that I spoiled myself. Apparently my favorite character (Shaw) misses most of Season 4, because the actress was out on maternity leave. Ironically, the actress also played a character I loved in the television show Life and also disappeared from that show to have a baby. I guess it’s nice that she likes kids! And sort of funny, given the seriously tough, kickass characters she plays. I’d love to see her playing the same type of character pregnant. That would be… huh, you know I bet someone has written the fanfic of that. Okay, I’m not going to fall down that rabbit hole, but I am going to stop letting myself be distracted and go stare at my own story world for a while. But Person of Interest — quite fun if you can suspend your disbelief and don’t mind lots and lots and lots of guns.