The electric company let me know that there was a power outage in my area. Wasn’t that kind of them? Then they let me know when it was scheduled to be fixed. Then they let me know that it was fixed! So supportive, so helpful, such great information.

Seriously, I might have appreciated it if the texts hadn’t come in all before 6:15AM. And/or if I’d had the ringer on my phone turned off, which I often do. As it is, I’m trying to not let it affect my attitude toward the week ahead. Or even toward the day ahead.

So far, I have not made it to yoga a single time in 2016. I would like today to be the day. But between the phone calls and the weather, I haven’t walked the dogs yet and in my current state of health, I probably don’t have the energy to both walk the dogs and go to yoga. I’m caught in the trap of being sick and wanting comfort food and not being able to get healthy because I keep eating comfort food. Alas. It’s a bad trap for me. I can know that I feel crappy because I ate food that I shouldn’t eat but at the same time, I don’t feel well enough to put the effort into eating the way I should.

And while I know that getting back to yoga would be really good for me, today is Zelda’s birthday. Eleven years old! (I know I’m getting the year right, but I admit to a slight possibility that the day is wrong. I know exactly how I could find out for sure, but it would involve moving a bunch of stuff to get at a scrapbook and I am currently too lazy.) Anyway, it seems really unfair to not walk the dog on her birthday. In years past, I would have gotten pizza and ice cream and shared both with her. I’m sort of tempted to do that this year, too — I’m sick anyway, so what difference does it make? — but I am quite sure that Zelda, both long-term and short, would prefer that I had the energy to go for long walks with her. There is nothing she likes better than a really long walk. Even swimming wouldn’t beat it. Unless it was walking and swimming at the beach, which would probably be her ultimate doggie fantasy birthday!

So, okay, decision made. No yoga, dog walking instead. And making healthy eating choices so that maybe I can make it to yoga on Wednesday instead!

Zelda at the beach

Zelda’s a great beach dog. Well-behaved off-leash and loves the water