Today I want words, many, many, many words, and I want most of them to be on my story. While I was walking the dog this morning — not dogs plural, because first I take a short walk with the Slowest Dog in the World (aka Bartleby) and his big sister, then I take a longer walk with big sister alone (whose thoughts can be read as “Thank God we left that other dog at home!”) … Anyway, while walking Z, I had an Idea.

I think I know how to make my ending work.

I think it might be even better than any ending idea I’ve had so far.

I’m excited!

Of course, I still have to get there, but that’s why this going to be a super-quick, super-short blog post, because at least for the moment, I’m just fulfilling my daily blog post obligation and then moving on to the writing that might, in fact, just maybe, possibly, we hope, be fun today.

Maybe I can even make it the 2K word day that I’ve been aspiring to on a daily basis. Wish me luck!